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{Wedding} Maria & Rob – Magnetic Island, Australia

As some of you may know, last year (2015) I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Australia from the UK to photograph the lovely Maz & Rob’s wedding day!

A few months before I flew out, I had a Skype meeting with Maz to learn about how the final plans were coming together… It would be a beach wedding on Magnetic Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef region. The Celebrant’s nickname was “Crusty“. The evening meal and celebrations would be at Bungalow Bay Koala Village, meaning there would indeed be koalas present, plus the odd snake and crocodile of course! Then after everyone had finished at Koala Village, we would head down to the beach for a relaxed bonfire with compulsory melted marshmallows!

Once again after ending the chat with Maz, my head was well and truly in the clouds!! Surely this was all a dream?! Nope, this was going to be another wedding that I would never forget… 🙂

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(If you missed it, check out Maz & Rob’s pre wedding shoot on Magnetic Island here)

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